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More confessions tomorrow guys! School and work has taken its toll and kept me busy! Send in more confessions and I’ll queue up everything in the confession box from now until early tomorrow evening(I’ll be busy tomorrow night). Hope you all have a lovely weekend!(yes I know I’m a day early)


OK, so I know I said I wouldn’t be making anymore empty confession box posts but… the box is empty! It’s been at least a week since a confession came in and I don’t work tonight so please send me the dirtiest, kinkiest confessions you can think of! And don’t forget that I take drabbles(short stories) as well! While this is a kinky blog the drabbles can be sweet, fluffy romance too.


Happy friday everyone! I have a few confessions in the box but that’s it. This is basically to say I won’t be alerting you when the box is empty. I know those messages can get annoying. So if you don’t see anything posted for a few days just assume the box is empty and send me your confessions! I will, however, let you know if I will be gone for an extended length of time.