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Short hiatus

Hi everyone. It’s official! I am moving! This weekend will be spent packing and taking things to the new house. I’m not sure when the wifi will be set up but hopefully by tuesday. I sure would love to log in and see lots of confessions! *hint hint* thanks for being understanding and I’ll talk to you all later:)


Anonymous inquired: Hi, no confession today but I remember you saying that you were moving recently and had to say that I hope all is well with you. c: Have a nice day!

Aww anon! You just made my day! Thanks for checking in^_^ If everything goes according to plan, I’ll close on selling my house friday and be in the new house by monday. I probably won’t do any confessions during the weekend and will have to hope my wifi is set up asap. That is my top priority when moving! lol thanks for checking on me and I hope you have a wonderful day as well! :D


Hiya lovelies! Just a reminder that the confession box is empty and I am off work today!

Ok everyone, the confession box is empty! If you submitted a confession and didn’t see it today, please submit it again!

Hi everyone. Sorry for being away for so long. I’m getting ready to move so I’ve been busy packing and making arrangements. I’ve got work in about 30 minutes(and wifi permitting) I will empty out the confession box tonight when I get home. Just a reminder, if you don’t see your confession after I’ve posted on different occasions feel free to message me off anon or just submit it again WITH PROPER TAGS! Thanks lovelies! See you tonight :D