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Hello everyone! I asked fuck yeah ff boys if they would promo our blog on their page and they kindly did. Now, it’s my turn to return the favor. They have a lovely blog run by a great person and I know it’s the first blog I turn to when I need a ff fix. So go check them out and give them a follow. Also, welcome to all the new followers we gained from them. Now lets return the favor yeah? http://fuckyeahffboys.tumblr.com/

~Admin Ashin

harukathealienlikewaterbender inquired: I just wanted to tell you Ashin that you're doing a great job and that we're all proud of you on how well you've been able to take care of this blog after the old owner left :)

(hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly)

Thanks! Seeing this message completely made my night :3 I know I don’t keep this blog updated quite as much as I should but I appreciate the heck out of you and all my other followers who have stuck with me :D It means the world to me!


I owe you guys some confessions tonight! How about flooding the inbox as it’s rather empty…(note tonight. I have work in an hour and a half until gods know when. 4th of July will be keeping us busy!)